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Water pipe acceptance details


01 Test the water pressure and do it!

The water pipe pressure test is one of the commonly used methods for judging whether the water pipe connection is reliable. If the water pipe connection is not good, leakage will occur, leaving a hidden danger to the household water.The test water pressure should involve professional standards such as the pressure value and the pressure holding time. The average user has to operate it personally, which is not difficult. Therefore, it is best to have a professional staff to carry out the standard operation.

02 Hot and cold water pipe spacing, to measure!

In many places where we live in our homes, we need to distinguish between hot and cold water, such as bathrooms and kitchens. If the hot and cold water is installed too close, it may cause mutual crushing problems due to thermal expansion and contraction. Therefore, the hot and cold water pipes must be kept at a distance.It can be measured with a ruler, and the pipe diameter is 15 cm. The error is guaranteed to be within 0.1 cm.

03 Hydropower and trough, the damage is great!

If the wire casing and the water pipe are in the same groove, the water pipe leaks or the condensed water on the surface of the hot water pipe is easily immersed in the wire, causing the wire to be damp, short-circuited, or even leaked.According to the standard specifications, hydropower must be placed in different tanks at a distance of 15 cm. At the time of acceptance, also pay attention to the measurement.

04 The water pipe crosses the gas pipe and must be eliminated!

When checking the water pipe, pay attention to the position and distance of the gas pipe. If the distance between the gas pipe and the hot water pipe is relatively close, then when the temperature of the hot water pipe is relatively high, or condensed water appears, the gas pipe will be affected, thereby reducing the service life of the gas pipe, and not harming itself and family members. It goes without saying.It should be noted that the parallel distance between the water pipes and the gas pipes should be greater than 50 mm, and the distance between the cross pipes should be greater than 10 mm.

05 Excess joints, don't stay!

The place where the water pipe is most prone to leakage is the interface, so if it is not necessary to try to reduce the water pipe joint. The two water pipes are connected as far as possible through the elbow to reduce the joint.At the time of acceptance, care should be taken to ensure that the two water pipes are connected directly through the elbows and that there are no redundant joints.

06 Water distribution map, save it!

Whether it is the inspection and maintenance of the water pipe or the secondary decoration in the future, it is necessary to know the distribution of the water pipes in the home in advance so as not to damage the original pipeline during the construction.After the installation of the water pipe is completed, do not forget to ask the construction party for the water and electricity circuit diagram. When you get the drawings, you can determine the route of the wiring; on the other hand, it is convenient for future maintenance and renovation.