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The difference between plumbing and floor heating


Plumbing: It is the circulation of water through the boiler to circulate around the coils under the floor tiles/floor to form a heated ground.advantage:1. High comfort, suitable for the elderly and children at home, especially those who are just learning to walk or climb.2, the floor heating pipe technology is mature, it can be said that the house is not removed, you can continue to use, so manufacturers also dare to guarantee 20 30 years.3, because the floor heating requires boiler heating, the boiler replaces the water heater, you can use domestic hot water.Disadvantages:1. The installation cost is higher in the early stage. Generally, a set of 100 square meters, 3 rooms and 2 halls, about 2-4 million, depends on your brand choice.2, the coil needs to be cleaned every 2-4 years, although many brands claim to be free of cleaning, but the uncle is still recommended to clean.3, the pre-use cost will be higher than the electric heating, especially the few days just opened, and the best to open it, do not turn off, or gas prices look soaring.

Electric heating: electric heating should be complicated, there are heating cable heating, electric heating film heating, carbon fiber electric heating, the basic principle is to heat the cable after power supply, conduction to the ground, forming heating.advantage:1. No maintenance is required without maintenance.2, the follow-up maintenance costs are low, basically no maintenance.3, high service life, theoretical service life can reach more than 50 years.Disadvantages:1, can not provide domestic hot water.2. Once there is a bad area, it needs to be replaced.3, the use of no plumbing comfort, will be dry.