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PPR tube identification purchase


The real PPR pipe should meet the standard GB/T18742-2002<<Plumbing pipe system for cold and hot water--PP second part pipe> Pipe fittings should meet the standard GB/T18742-2002 <<Plumbing pipe system for cold and hot water -- PP third part pipe fittings>>; the performance of pseudo PP-R pipes and fittings is not able to pass the above criteria. It should be noted that the service life of the pseudo PP-R tube is only 1-5 years, while the true life of the PP-R tube is more than 50 years.


How to identify


PPR pipes are widely used in industrial and residential construction, healthy drinking water and hot water heating. PPR pipe point hot and cold water pipe 2 kinds. The wall of the cold water pipe is thin, and the thickness of the hot water pipe wall is large, so the performance of the hot water pipe with heat-resistant fracture is much better, and the price of the hot water pipe is also more expensive than the cold water. Many manufacturers use insurance for the purpose of improving the safety factor during the construction process, regardless of the cracking of the hot and cold water pipes.


1, soft PPR tube, the pipeline is not easy to squeeze deformation, even if the deformation does not break, it also greatly reduces the use of joints.

2, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and fouling PR-R tube, the chemical properties of the tube can resist the chemical attack of water, while the inner surface is smooth to avoid the formation of scale

3, high temperature and high pressure PR tube, normal temperature pipeline withstands water pressure 45 kg / cm 2 , pipe deformation temperature is 112 ° C

4, long-life PPR pipe, pipeline anti-aging, the normal role of the mission for more than 50 years.

5, the construction of simple and fast PPR pipe, pipe fittings make the construction speed very fast, easy to connect (with hot melt machine socket connection), safe and reliable.

6. Economic Benefits Due to the simple construction, there is no contradiction between the impact of other projects and the shortening of the construction period. The construction cost is 60% less than copper and copper, and the economic benefits are superior.


Therefore, consumers should be cautious when purchasing, be sure to choose the right, quality manufacturers of quality, and also pay attention to the installation, you may wish to listen to expert advice.


                                                                    March 2017