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PPR pipe interface adopts hot melt technology


As a new type of water pipe material, PPR pipe has a unique advantage. It can be used both as a cold pipe and as a hot water pipe. It is becoming a non-toxic, lightweight, pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant one. Kind of promoted material. Also suitable for hot water pipes, even pure drinking water pipes. The interface of the PPR tube adopts the hot melt technology, and the tubes are completely fused together, so once the installation pressure test is passed, the PPR tube will not scale.

PP-R pipe fittings are made of high-quality raw materials, and the performance of the products meets or exceeds the national standard GB/T18742. It also has the following unique design and process advantages:

Adopting large arc bending position design can effectively reduce the formation of water hammer and prevent tube vibration.

45 degree chamfer design makes welding easier.

PPR pipe specification pipe series S, nominal outer diameter dn × nominal wall thickness en

Example: PPR pipe series S5, PPR nominal diameter dn25mm, PPR nominal wall thickness en2.5mm

Expressed as S5, dn25×en2.5mm

PPR pipe series S: is a dimensionless numerical series used to indicate the specification of ppr pipe, with the following relationship S = (dn-en) / 2 en

Where: dn - PPR nominal outer diameter, in mm

En——PPR nominal wall thickness in mm

June 2018